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cultureI have walked into many companies and after working with their current employees and found myself saying, “Man, I would love to work here.” I have also found myself on just as many occasions saying the opposite.  So I started to ask myself, “What makes these companies different? Why is one company able to attract someone that is not even in the same industry and the other totally repel me?” I think that is a question many employers have to start asking if they want to attract high quality people.

employeesWhat would it look like for you as an employer to have such a name in your community that you never had to look for good people?  How would your business be affected if you had people competing to get a spot at your company? What would it look like to have a business that people, even Millennials, were willing to relocate to be a part of?

Not only do I think this is possible, but I think for you have a legacy company that you intend to span the test of time, it will be a necessity to be that kind of company. Now you may be saying, “Caleb, that sounds lovely but it sounds like a lot of work.” Well, it is!   It is worth it though and according to Greg Smith of Chart Your Course International, it is as easy as having PRIDE. Yes pride. Let me explain. In a great article, that Smith wrote for he explains his acronym P – R – I – D – E. His article is great so I won’t try to make it better but here is the gest.

Positive work environment

Recognizing and reinforcing right behavior

Involve and Engage

Develop Skills and Potential, and


The article does a great job explaining and giving great statics around each of these points but it boils down to this. To attract good people, you need a company that has happy, respected, trained employees. It is worth the effort to create this. My best take-away from his article for you readers is this, create a culture and the protect it!

culture.jpgI believe that creating a culture that engages, cultivates and produces good relationships is easier than you think. Rewarding people does not have to be expensive as much as thoughtful. Smith writes about one company where the CEO lets the employee of the month borrow his car for a whole week! How awesome is that to be cruising through town in your boss’s car for a week. For the record, it was a nice car, I don’t think anyone is lining up to drive a Camry around for a week but the point is that while it might not cost a lot in dollars, it will take time and commitment from all the leaders in the company. Over 40% of people said in an exit interview that they were leaving their employer but they loved their job. The reason they were leaving?!?! Drum roll please… The people! In fact, most of those people said they were leaving due to their direct supervisor. Training for yourself and your managers on how to properly lead people and encourage them through their career is crucial to this culture creation.  Great salaries, unmatchable benefits, tuition reimbursement, gym memberships…none of that will keep your employees in place if the person they work for is a bad communicator and comes across like Hitler in high heeled shoes.

Once you have started creating this culture, you will have to protect it! Companies who are successful creating this atmosphere have to spend equal time keeping the “Debbie downers” from trying to ruin it. Dave Ramsey talks about this in his, EntreLeadership, series when he discusses their zero tolerance policy for gossip. To prevent division in his team, he says that if you gossip you are fired. No second chances, no warning, no nothing! I have heard of other companies that allow the entire team to have a crack in the interview process to make sure that everyone thinks they can work effectively with the candidate, and another firm I have read about offers referral rewards to its employees if they can recommend a good candidate that fits the company culture. Point being, “If you build it, they will come!” If you lose it, they will leave! (Guys I’ve been looking for a way to put that quote in writing for years now!! Sorry back to the point.) You have to be selective and protective but if you spend the time to create this culture you will have the luxury to be as picky as you want.

People, Process, and Product are noted and made famous by Marcus Lamodus, host of CNBC’s show The Profit. You know your product, hopefully you have a handle on your process, but if you don’t start getting the right people, you still won’t get to eat your pie. Be selective, have PRIDE, and start it from the top of the corporate latter all the way down. Soon you will have a thriving workforce of great people going great places!

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