About Me

100.JPGI started my career as a financial research analyst after graduating from Clemson in 2009 with majors in Finance and Financial Management. I graduated on a Friday and Monday morning, I was at the office starting my way.   Working on the technical side was interesting but not at all rewarding to me emotionally.

Changing gears somewhat and knowing that I really needed to be connected to people, I went to work as a financial advisor in 2011. During that time, I got the opportunity to work with thousands of individuals and really enjoyed getting to know the people as more than just clients or account numbers.   The firm I worked for in Houston was a Dave Ramsey Local Provider so I also worked with many families helping getting them on a better road to personal financial wellness.   This was extremely rewarding.

With my wife’s medical residency, we made a big move away to Birmingham, Alabama.   I have been with Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial since 2014.   I completed my John Maxwell Leadership Team certification this year.

While I still do personal financial management, I also work very closely with companies providing education for their employees and for their leadership teams.   I believe whole-heartedly in “Knowledge is Power” and love to empower others with education on:

  • Coaching individuals and teams to use proven communication techniques that increase collaboration, decrease conflict, improve accountability, and enhance service delivered to internal and external customers
  • Assessing the level of employee engagement and identifying the appropriate strategies that will increase employee retention and attraction of top talent, even in challenging markets
  • Communicating effectively despite generational differences and providing a platform for employees and employers to work together to make a win/win situation for both.
  • Creating great corporate leadership teams that both produce more effectively but also lead in a manner true to highest of standards.
  • Improving personal finances including preparing for retirement but with also topics such as budgeting, debt reduction and college education preparation.

My Family

I have been married to my wife, Sarah for 5 years.   Sarah is completing her medical residency at Children’s Hospital and we are excited to be expecting our first child this summer.

Together, Sarah and I are passionate about many things but 2 come straight-to-mind. Health/fitness is a big component of our lives but most importantly is our love and desire to serve the Lord.   We take great pride in our desire to always keep learning about Him and ways to serve Him better.

We are very active in our church and with small groups. We both look forward to the time in life when we can do mission work together as a family.

My Contact Information

You can email me at caleb@grinkmeyerleonard.com or call my office at 205.970.9088.


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