I Can’t Believe the Year is Over!

Infinity time spiral

I’ll bet you have heard someone say that recently. I know I have heard it several times, but I have one response to that. NO, IT IS NOT!!! What happened to finishing strong? As of this morning, we have several days left in this year and I feel like people have just written them off. Please stop it – time is too valuable to dismiss. Put your helmet back on, lace up your shoes, and let’s finish this thing the way we started – with a purpose. Here are 3 tips for ending your year strong.

Revisit Your 2017 Goals: Whether it be money goals, physical goals, or spiritual goals what did you set for yourself in 2017? Reflect on why you set those goals in the first place and how far you got in accomplishing them. For each goal that you set for this year, draw out a progress bar with 0% at one end and 100% on the other, then put a mark on the line where you currently are on that goal; this doesn’t have to be exact. Just make your best guess. Being able to see this visually will help you see what progress you made this year.

Make a 12-3-1 List: After you complete the step above, write down 12 things you should do between now and the end of the year. Then reflect on the list being honest with yourself and narrow that down the 3 things you can actually accomplish before the end of the year. Next, decide which 1 to start with. After you complete that one item move to the next highest priority on the list of three and so on.

Plan for 2018: Why wait till January to plan for 2018? Get started now. Revisit goals from this year that you did not achieve, look at new goals, and set a pace for year. Taking a few minutes to get your mind right for the next year will go a long way into getting you off to a good start in the new year.