Money Habits

Good Habits.jpg

Think about your habits. Okay, let’s narrow it down to only your good habits. Now think back to when those habits began. How did they get started? I would guess in most cases good habits, like brushing your teeth, making your bed, and exercising, started out of accountability. When you were a kid and you did not want to brush your teeth, someone made you and sooner or later you began to understand the benefit of brushing your teeth. Suddenly, no one had to force you to brush your teeth anymore. The level of understanding that led to a willingness to do something that is good for you came after a period of resistance. A new friend of mine explained it this way when talking about his weight loss journey. He said that accountability led to success which led to a lifestyle change.

Generally, habits that are good for you may not be easy or painless to create and generally, you will want to push back against them in the beginning. That is why having accountability and an accountability partner is necessary. Eventually, you will gain an understanding about the benefits that the good habit has for you and this will lead to a lifestyle change. However, to get to that point you may need stern voice to help you out.

Money habits are no different. Budgeting, saving, giving, planning, earning, etc. can all be essential to your success with money. Yet, building those habits is not easy and in most cases you are left with no accountability. Part of our comprehensive financial planning is to give you that accountability. You will not need me to review your budget with you forever, but just like having a personal trainer to slap pizza out of my hand when I want to lose weight, sometimes you need a pal to say, “I know you’re tired and making your lunch sucks and you might not get to sit at the cool table today, but you can laugh all the way to the bank knowing that you saved $15 on something that would have only satisfied you for about 4 hours.”

Habits lead to lifestyle changes and lifestyles can either lead you to success or away from it. By not intentionally choosing good money habits are you subconsciously choosing bad ones? You may not be going bankrupt but are you really succeeding? If you struggle creating good money habits, let’s talk. I promise not to slap anything out of your hand…at first.