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How much is enough? Do I have enough? More than enough? Not enough?

Enough is enough. Enough – it’s word that I never gave much thought to until it became the one word that almost every one of my clients wanted to talk about. I understand many of my clients want to hear me say, “that’s enough” or “you have enough.” I feel that way because the number one question I get asked is, “How much is enough for me to retire?” While my training has given me many answers to that question, the truthful answer should be, “I have no idea.” The truth is we don’t know and can’t possibly know short of being able to predict the future. I can tell you it “should be enough” or it “probably won’t be enough,” but to give you a definitive answer that is built on assumptions that change constantly would be irresponsible.

What I have concluded is, at its heart, the question is really “Can my money give me security?” And the answer to that question is a resounding, thunderous “NO!” Money does not give you peace and it does not give you security. Money is just a tool. Nevertheless, society would have you believe that happiness lies in the next raise and that comfort and security are found in well-funded retirement accounts. However, monetary security is false security; false peace because money alone can’t give you those things.

My goal is to have a positive impact on people’s lives and I believe part of that is to give you a healthy understanding and relationship with money. What I really want to see is for people to stop chasing the almighty dollar and realize it is actually the Almighty’s dollars. I want to see people pursue passion, happiness, time with family, serving others, and obedience to God and stop sacrificing those things in order to get more change in their pocket or in their savings account. Do you need money? Yes. Should you work to earn it? Yes. Should it consume your life and leave you feeling worried and exhausted from the day-to-day grind? NO.

A good financial plan starts with a healthy understanding and relationship with money. It is built on education and understanding. Our goal is not to give you financial freedom but instead freedom from your finances.

Step one: Money is a tool, nothing more nothing less
Step two: Get some training on how to use that tool (this is where we come in)
Step three: Live life, work hard, play…