The Details

This may not be the best blog I’ve ever written from a content prospective but it’s definitely my favorite so far. As I am typing, I am on the beach in a chair with beautiful view and stack of books that I have been dying to finish.

detailsToday I am overwhelmingly impressed with the hotel that we are staying in Rosemary Beach, FL. The Pearl Hotel is a wonderful place to stay and their attention to detail is impeccable. This experience has got me thinking. What if we as employees and business owners treated all of our clients/customers as if we were in the hospitality industry? Example, Jared, one of the hotel’s wait staff met us on the first day. From the first meeting, he has remembered my name and greeted us on every occasion always ending the conversation with, “If there is anything I can do to make your stay better, please don’t hesitate to let me know.” When was the last time we went out of our way to make our clients feel appreciated? When was the last time we asked our clients, our employees, our colleagues, “If there is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let me know”?

Why do hotels, really nice hotels, exert so much effort on the little things? Jared remembering my name, the housekeeping writing notes to us, thanking us for our business, having sunscreen available to us and water by the pool and on the beach are all things that have made this hotel stick out above most every hotel I have ever stayed at and think about the cost for the hotel to provide that sort of service:

0 dollars to remember my name

50 cents for the note card in my room (maybe!)

3 dollars for sunscreen by the pool

But those are the things I remember most not because they are expensive or luxurious but because it showed me they care enough to think about the little things.

So if you have a client that you get coffee with often, how hard would it be to write down their order and show up a few minutes early next time to have it ready for them when they arrive? If your employees all work outside, how easy would it be to go buy them all sunscreen, obviously the spray kind because no construction worker is putting lotion on their hands! How easy would it be to make sure that everyone in your office has a list with pictures if possible of every client coming into your office each day so as they walk in every single member greets them, BY NAME!!!

I have heard over and over again, Your people are your most valuable resource but that’s wrong. They are you second most valuable resource. The most valuable resource to any company is the consumer that pays for your product or service. If they all go away, then having all the best people in the world won’t matter. Now keep in mind, this type of environment, this dedication to details and over-the-top treatment of clients has to, let me repeat, HAS TO start at the top. If you are not caring and treating your employees with this level of respect, it is unlikely they will treat your customers that way. So this is a challenge or a charge really to put forth more effort, focus on the little things from owner to the new hire and let’s pretend that our companies actually depend on the people we have the privilege to service…BECAUSE THEY DO!

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