The $60 Office

coffeeTo clarify if you don’t know me already, I am a millennial but I am not a minimalist. Having said that, how much do you pay for your office space? If you are an employee, how much do you think your boss pays for your office space? Do you think $60.00 is a realistic cost for quality office space?

Chances are, the last 3 sentence have confirmed your conclusion that I’m completely mad, but hang with me. This post is not really about office space or rent so focus up! As I type, I am sipping on a rather excellent cup of espresso from Seeds Coffee in Homewood, AL. Total Price including Tax: $2.75. I have high speed internet, calming music, access to food, a very clean bathroom and enough caffeine to get an entire week’s worth of work done in a few hours. For today it is my office.   For only $3, I can sit here for the next 8 hours and as long as my computer battery lasts and can get most all of my work done. Now I know this scenario doesn’t work for everyone. Some of you would get distracted, others need more privacy than is provided at a coffee shop, and some of you have to print things constantly. That’s fine. This article is more about the heart of this story than it is encouraging you to work out of a coffee shop.

Have you ever heard of “analysis paralysis”? To all my engineers and fact-finders out there, this happens to you frequently. Analysis paralysis is what happens when you get so caught up in getting all the details put together that you never actually start working on the project. You go into data gathering mode and 12 months later you know everything there is to know about the project but you have done little to nothing to complete the project. I think this happens a lot with our work.

We get in this rut where we convince ourselves that if we are not at the “office”, then we cannot get our work done. I catch some grief from my wife and my friends sometimes because I am rarely in the office for 8 hours on any day, but that’s not the only place I can get my work done. Emails from the coach at 5:45AM as I get settled in for my study of God’s Word, phone calls from the car on the way to office or a meeting, or late night preparation for a meeting the next day. I get lots of work done in varying settings because I choose to be flexible. Now wait, I hear you guys responding to me already, “Caleb why don’t you come tell my boss that she needs to let us all be so flexible!!” Well, I am working on that, but until I make it to all your companies, work on applying this principle to the other areas of your life. I can remember struggling with this scenario with a book I wanted to study. I had this great set up, note pad, lamp, highlighters, multicolored pens, the works! Only problem, I found it extremely hard to get to that place and actually sit still, so I never actually read the book! Ridiculous, huh? I finally realized that I had to be more flexible and be willing to carry the book with me just in case I found 10-15 minutes I could read a few pages.  Once, I changed strategy, the book got read. It took a while but the point is that it did get done.

The point is this, we get stuck a lot. We say, “There is no way I can finish the whole project today”, so we don’t do anything at all. I started working on this with my running. I would wake up a few minutes late and say well I don’t have time to run the full 3 miles so I guess I won’t go at all. WHY? 1 mile is better than no miles so I start running the one mile. I stopped waiting for the hour to really sit down and read and started taking advantage of the 15 minutes slots that I could find.

If we are going to leave an impact on this world we have to stop waiting for perfect scenarios. You will probably never find the perfect time, the perfect environment, the perfect circumstance to_________ {fill in the blank for yourself}. What I realized is that all those 15 minute breaks in my schedule allowed me to read that entire book, that 1 mile runs added up to 30 miles this month, that my flexible work efforts helped me land a new client, or get a new accreditation. The world has spent billions of dollars on how to fill ideal hands. Your time here is limited at any given time you have between 0-20,000 days left on this planet, between 0 and 480,000.00 hours, between 0-28,800,00 minutes left. You can’t buy more, you can’t earn more, you can’t save some for later. So my goal for post is leave you with this sound in your head, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick… next time you find yourself putting off one of your goals for whatever excuse you generated that day, hear it, Tick, Tick, Tick and the tell yourself.

Do Something! Do Anything! Stop waiting for perfect and JUST GET BUSY DOING!

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