Retirement Ready? Most are not.

According to the Survey of Consumer Finances, over 75% of 401k participants are not putting away enough to comfortably retire.  Does that sink in?  That fact keeps me up some nights.   At Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial, we care about our retirement plan participants and want to educate them so they can retire when they are ready and do so without so much financial worry.   Education is paramount to let people know the what they need to do to prepare now for a happy retirement later.   A 3% contribution most likely will not get participants the comfort level they are looking for.


calebCaleb Bagwell/Employee Education Specialist
John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach
Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial
Toll-Free: 866.695.5162 / Office: 205.970.9088
Birmingham: 1950 Stonegate Drive / Suite 275 / Birmingham, AL 35242
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