The Anatomy of a Happy Office – {BUT WHY?}

happy office smallIf you have never read the New York Times bestseller The Happiness Project from author Gretchen Rubin, I highly suggest you get a copy.   Gretchen knows a lot about what makes business people happy. She spent a year test-driving conventional wisdom, current scientific studies, and lessons from pop cultures about how to be happier at work and at life.  Her social experiment yielded all sorts of results that can be applied to every aspect of life.  Her conclusions about workplace happiness are a must-read for our series this month.

Gretchen reveals many ideals that make achieving happiness critical to every company’s success:

* Happy employees are more productive. It results in less employee absenteeism, burnout and stress. When employees are happy, they are less preoccupied with themselves, more focused on their work and are willing to take on new challenges.

* Happy employees are better leaders. They become more resilient, less risk adverse and can more easily bounce back from failures.

* Happy employees are more creative. They are less worried about the day to day tasks and can dream of new possibilities.

* Happy employees are better team players. They are more likely to help others and tackle the big issues confronting them at work.

If you can have employees who are more productive, absent less, better leaders, less fearful of failure, more creative and better overall team players simply by making them HAPPIER, then how can this not be a WIN-WIN situation for you and your employees?

This month, we will discuss many aspects of employee and office happiness.   Follow along to read how employers AND employees can benefit from a happier workplace.

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