Motivated for CHANGE

Welcome to my blog. I am Caleb Bagwell and if you know me at all or have been following my Motivated Monday series on Facebook, I’ll bet you can guess that I am a better speaker than I am a writer. I fully recognize the eloquence and poetry that accompanies written word though and I want to join the blog world so I can shutterstock_288646823add my “two cents worth”. I fully intend to focus on my strengths of speaking, but with the mission I have in my heart, I will not miss any opportunity to reach as many people as I can.

I think to begin it may be a good idea to introduce myself and give you a little of my background as it will give you some insight as to my passion and purpose moving forward. If I sit and think, I believe this current chapter of my life started in college when I finally figured out that I wanted to become a financial advisor. Shortly after that I met a girl that was very different from most girls and I promptly pursued her relentlessly for 6 months before she agreed to a first date! Six year later, we are happily married and she still challenges me every day to be better than I think I can be.   Over the past 4 years of our marriage I have watched her work tirelessly to complete medical school (with honors I might brag), and begin her life as a resident where 12-hour work days are her short days. My wife has taught me the true value of a “Purpose”. She knows hers and is willing to work tirelessly to achieve it.  A life purpose should be so defined and so uniquely yours that if it takes 12 years of constant pursuit, you will still not be deterred. To my wife I have to say, “Thanks Babe! You are the strongest person I know.”

As Sarah has worked through medical school, my purpose too has been developing. Through several divinely placed steps in our lives, I have been given the opportunity to meet with people from all of the world and help them with their finances. Trust me, I am aware that in the grand scheme of life on this planet, personal finance is a relatively unimportant aspect. In my opinion though, it is one of the biggest tools the adversary uses to keep us from reaching our full potential. My heart breaks every time I hear about a college grad that has been called to the mission field and literally can’t go because he has $100,000.00 of student loans. My heart aches when I meet with a couple that say they fight over money and my face turns red with anger when I hear someone accept that they have climbed as high as they can get in the world because they think no one believes in them.

My purpose is simple, my tools are unique, and my audience is clear. Help those that feel the call to be something more reach their full potential by setting them free from the burdens of money through proper stewardship. God has made me distinctly for this job. Motivated, Educated, Changed. He has made me aware that the fastest way to change the world is to convince everyone around me that they are meant to change the world too. I promise to challenge you, I promise to push you out of you comfort zone, and I promise to always believe in you. Let’s blog.

calebCaleb Bagwell/Employee Education Specialist
John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach
Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial
Toll-Free: 866.695.5162 / Office: 205.970.9088
Birmingham: 1950 Stonegate Drive / Suite 275 / Birmingham, AL 35242
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